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August 20, 2007



Wonder Woman would kick He-Man's ass.

Though, I would rather have He-Man in the bedroom...


I love the little moral lessons, especially the one about not eating stuff you find around your house, I will follow that advise for now on.


I think its funny how you ended up growing up to become the Gay He-Man. LOL (

By the Powers of Greyskull! lol

ryan charisma

I would enjoy he-man's sword as well.

Heather M

You know I wore this same costume four Halloweens in a row. I think my mom sensed my inner lesbian trying to express itself. She kept suggesting Shera, but I only wanted to be He-Man!


What's even better was that they had a character named Man Whore...

Er, I guess that was Man-O-War, but its practically the same... Damn, it was Man-At-Arms, but anything talking about manly arms is gay gay gay.


You are are my super hero.


You are are my super hero.


I LOVE HE MAN!!!!!!! I watched loads of it too when I was young.Loved him, Loved Him, Loved him


That picture is awesome. Like, totally, totally awesome.

Jeffrey Taylor

Still have a crush on Man-At-Arms. Hot Daddy!

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