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April 04, 2008



You are the 12th Cylon. Hard nipples are the identifying characteristic.


Let's just pray to gods that the final season doesn't suck as bad as season 3! (With the exception of the 2 parter, Exodus)


I didn't think season 3 sucked though.

Mark G

A season premier of BSG is just like Christmas morning!

Great pic, BTW!


You only have 1 nipple? I swear I've seen both of them! The things you learn!


Just for the record, I really don't mind seeing your nipples hard.


I'm with Matt. Hot.


Thank gods for internet video uploads!

Rick Andreoli

Bang-Bang with the nips! (It was a damn good opening episode. Can't wait to see where it goes.)


Oh Adam, as much as I love BSG myself, I can think of so many better ways to make your nipples hard. ;)

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