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October 14, 2006



wish me a happy day-after-my-birthday, damnit, and add me to your blogroll... lol... i have to do all the work around here, adam ;)


So now I don't have to feel so guilty when I have an hour or two of listening to the pop hits of the 70s. Ah, the memories. (Cher's hair, black ramen noodles. Hahahahaha.)

Matt Blender

Move to Chicago! We have colleges here!


I love Jim Steinman! It kind of feels dirty to say that out loud, like it's kind of shameful, but dammit, he writes some good music.

Thanks for this podcast. Listening to your memories brought back a lot of my own.


You need to be more positive about your proto-gayness in my opinion. We were all little queers, and it's endearing. Enough with the shame already! Although the whole faking the eye test? That even surprised me!

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