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October 10, 2006



I hope you don't mind, but I submitted your video to Netscape:

Let's vote it up!

Also, I'd like to feature it on Discuss It if that's alright with you-


Excellent work Adam!
Some are leaders and other followers.
You're definitely a leader.


Well Done, Adam! You should consider sending it to or such an organization.


Well done, I agree, but you need a proofreader. Before you send this anywhere, you should make the following corrections. Your own Senator is Hutchison, not Hutchinson; the Senator you identify as Senator Burr is actually Senator Burns; and Senator Crapo is from Idaho, not Indiana. I know these because I work in the institution, and I'm proud to say my boss voted the other way. Love your show, just hate to see mistakes that the other side can pick on!


Stevie thanks for the heads up. I thought I double checked everything last night but it was late and I really wanted to get it out. I will make the necessary adjustments and republish it.

Thanks for the comment.

The Persian

That was incredibly well done, I agree with Jason.


Interesting to see the faces of those traitors.


Beautiful work Adam! It brought tears to my eyes. YOU ROCK!!! And using the Philip Glass score was an absolute stroke of genius!

At least I know I'll be in very good company in the camps!


Okay... since I didn't see where you reuploaded it to YouTube, I went ahead an uploaded it to Netscape:

Have your readers vote on it at Netscape and it will give both the video and your site more exposure.

You can also embed a copy of the video in your blog a la YouTube from the Netscape link above. I've done that over on Discuss It -



Excellent! I am continually impressed by you and your work. This is incredible.



It's a great video Adam. We'll have to see how this all plays out...

Mike C


Nice job Adam.


Good Lord, what a load of crap. It reminds me of those TV fiction movies that play like a documentary and those less educated taked it as fact.

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