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May 02, 2007



That was really good! Thanks for posting. :-)


That is so cool. But what's a GOMO?


Brent: Gomo is defined in the urban dictionary as: A homosexual who is also geeky, or into geeky things.

The more you know!


"Why can't you give me the RESPECT that I'm entitled to? Why can't you treat me like I would be treated by any STRANGER on the street?"

... "Because I am NOT one of your FANNNNNNNNNNNNNNS!!!!!!!!!"

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

This was great, Adam. You go, 'mo!


I really enjoyed this. The strange thing is that all of the speech didn't seem that strange to me. Maybe I'm just used to people yelling! And the poor dear...


Totally agree here. I don't think what he said to her was so scandalous. Then again, I am the person who sympathizes with Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest so I don't know if my opinion is valid, i'm clearly disturbed. All she wanted was things to be perfect and beautiful and her child just spat in her face when Joan offered her the world on a silver platter!


HEY! I found another person who did a song to the Alec Baldwin phone message.

I'd be curious to know what you think, but I like yours better.


I am so tired of these two-bit tinsel gods and goddesses getting press. If they were "regular" people they'd be ignored or in jail (Paris, are you listening?) and no one would care. As it is, every day we're assaulted by their crap because this culture is so obsessed with gossip. Fuck 'em all.

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