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May 03, 2007



I think my father is the exact opposite of yours...or he's the typical distant father that you spoke about. However, we have a great relationship these days. I think it's just a matter of time before our fathers realize a relationship with their kids is important.

I can relate to your triggers....different triggers but they are there.

I love hearing you talk. :)


You're twitter's are totally bizzare. That is sad about the Horchata Muscle Milk. That sounds quite lovely, and why on earth are you whisking water? I agree with you and Archerr that everyone has triggers. I think maybe sometimes coming out has a softening effect because it opens up one's vulnerability.

Thanks for your kind words as well. As to the "sensuality", I think it's an interesting topic. Speaking of triggers, I often wonder if it has to do with your own experience with the loss of your brother. I do remember your talking about sex on the podcast, but usually in a bitch, you better protect yourself business. It makes me think of how I was in group and someone said that he let a guy cum inside him, and I can just see you going off (not that you shouldn't). I'm just curious if they intertwine as I play therapist here very poorly.

It's funny how what your father did with your exams (where's the other four points) would make me feel like it was impossible for me to accomplish anything. Not that you feel that way.

We've also been getting GENRE. The depth of the articles is bad. The only magazine in English worth purchasing is BUTT in my opinion.


I had a similar experience with my father when I came out to him. We became closer. I was always closer to my mother when I was younger, but once I came out as gay to my Dad it transformed our relationship. Now I feel equally close to both my parents. I feel extremely fortunate in that regard.


As an adult, I also wish that I had bothered to learn all of the skills that my father had. As a child, though, his pedagogical style was less than ideal.

The question is do you move the furniture when you clean your home today?

ryan charisma

I abosolutely agree with your Alec Baldwin comments. I was irate when I heard that phone call on telivision. First off Kim Bassenger should be ashamed of herself for letting that get to the media. Second, Irland (his daughter) has pulled the "not answering" scheduled phone calls with Dad quite a few times. Let me tell you something - if I pulled that shit with either one of my parents I would have met the wrath of God himself. Third, where was Kim Bassenger at the time of this scheduled call? My mother would have made sure I was ready to take it. I don't think she's fit to mother. I think she is using her daughter as some sort of pawn to get back at her ex-husband. Shame on her. Lastly & fourth, I've hear alot worse from my mother in regards to me. That little brat had it comming. There is no excuse fot that 12 year old to not show her father the respect of answering a phone. She deserves alot worse than being called a 'pig' as far as I'm concerned. As I'm here in NYC - I hope to see Ms. Ireland out and about - I will openly and out loud remind her what a rotten brat she is.

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

It’s interesting that your triggers with Brad are so connected to your father. I wish I could pin my own triggers to my father or mother or whatever, but they don’t seem relevant. My father was distant, then warmed up considerably toward the end of his life. But we always got along fine and neither of my parents stood over my shoulder or anything else you described.

It’s funny how people make assumptions about sexuality/sensuality based on relationship status (even when they’re just kidding). I don’t talk about sex on my blog or podcast except as kind of a concept or whatever (no talking about my own sexuality/sensuality, in other words). That has nothing to do with being in a relationship, and everything to do with the way I was raised (family, church, social groupings, etc.). I don’t mind in the least what people tell me, but I have a difficult time talking about my sexuality/sensuality to others unless I know them. Maybe all you people can podcast about sex and then I can be a copycat later on.

But, you’re always interesting, Adam, whatever you choose to talk about.

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