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May 07, 2007


Arthur (AmeriNZ)

Stealing porn—how scandalous! I never did that, but I had ways of hiding the purchase. Nice hams, Adam.


Ha ha. I loved this podcast. My favorite parts were talking about your "hams" and the upcoming SF bloggers summit. Great job Matt and Adam!


What a fun podcast! What a clever little gay boy you were stealing porn that way. I would just shoved it in my shirt/pants. It was always Hustler or one of those other straight porn that showed guys. So, if I was caught with it (which I was, by my Mom at home) It wouldn't be completely obvious I was a gay boy.

Oh, by the way, you made a celebrity guest appearance in my dream last night. I think you are the first Web Celeb to do so. It is usually actors or other notable personalities.

I was walking down the street in a city I was unfamiliar with when I came upon you sitting on a stoop in front of a condo or apartment complex. I almost walked by when I realized it was you. You were deep in thought when I approached you but burst into big smiles when I introduced myself. It then switched and we were in my hometown. I was showing you the town when we decided to get something to eat and after debating for awhile we decided on the food court in the mall. That's all I remember.

Weird. It was nice meeting you though. If only in my dreams :)

ryan charisma

Great PODCAST - you have a great sense of "not going for the joke." I don't know if I could show as much restraint as you do during your conversations. My favorite show yet.


I'm deeply offended Matt. :P

This was a fun conversation, but oddly enough, I was left wandering what happened during the rest of it.

Why don't you start an order down in Dallas, Adam? Are you sure there isn't one already?

My favorite line had to be "Well, they're not for you."


You guys are such good friends. It was like I was a fly on the wall while you two were just sitting around shooting the shit. Loved it!


I was wondering too what happened at the end. You just faded out and it was over. No good-bye. No music. But it was fun to hear. :-)

Luis Alejandro

What an awesome podcast! Even though I never stole porn, I had a friend who did the same as you! And he also did it for the thrill... I'll have to listen to your previous ones.


I didn't know having big arms could ever be considered a bad thing...

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