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May 14, 2007



Ohmygod. I never had a porn mag stash but I did the same thing with "Excercise for Men Only"once. Minus the stealing part. I actually bought the thing but was terrified of seeing anyone I knew for the ten minutes in the checkout line.


Easiest way to portray the "if you get HPV vaccine you are gonna have lots of sex" argument:

"Okay, so should we stop the Malaria and Cholera vaccines for people traveling to third world countries.. because the vaccinated are going to wade around in mosquito pools and drink from the sewers?"

The main problem is... people who are freaking out about HPV vaccine are too squeamish to show their kids the excel sheet of diseases one can get that don't have any visible symptoms... so their kids might as well be running off and having tons of sex thinking they are now safe forever.


Cervical Cancer, throat cancer -- Why is cum so toxic?

Annnyway, not voting and becoming disengaged only serves the interests of the established power in this country. Many of the problems in the 2000 election resulted because most Americans just sat at home and didn't give a fuck. Now, eight years later, we see the results of that attitude, IMHO.


YOu can't abuse twitter too much. I don't think it's possible. I think it was set up to be used just the way you use it.

I think the scrutiny that Mitt is getting over his religion isn't anything different from those who scrutinize any other candidates. It's part of the process and people want to hear that crap.

I was sad to hear you might give up on voting. I'd prefer you not give up. We'll need your vote at the next election. Just vote for the least offensive one. hehehe


What about anal cancer? I thought that was a major concern as well. I totally agree with you that someone isn't worth voting for just because they are gay. That defies all logic in my opinion. How is it that you are abusing twitter?

I actually quite enjoy battlestar galactica, but do you know what you're missing right now, Adam? FLAVOR OF LOVE CHARM SCHOOL. That shit is awesome, bitch. Aw, the simple pleasures of life.

Richard Andreoli

Have I mentioned how much i love you?

Thanks for plugging me. I mean, my shirts. Well, mine and Steve's shirts. Thanks.


I totally just bought a Roslin for President shirt... thanx for the tip! It's going to go good with my Stewart/Colbert '08, and my Picard/Riker '04 shirts.

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

Seems to me that denying HPV vaccine is a form of child abuse. At the least, it's clearly irresponsible and ignorant.

I also agree that voting for a candidate just because they're a 'mo is stupid if it means abandoning principle. What kind of progress is that?

I'm also not excited about the next presidential election, and I keep waiting for someone who's exciting to enter the race or, at least, for someone who's in it to do something exciting. Nevertheless, I'll vote anyway because I can, and because that fact really pisses off the winguts.


If you don't vote I'll come and spank you.


LOL You are SUCH a SPAZ!!

I love it.


Laura Roslin is a gay icon? Meh?

Thanks for bigging up BG a few months ago, I finally got round to watch it. Fave show off the mo!


I remember "EXERCISE (For Men Only!)" obviously gay, even to my young naive eyes back in the day. I wonder if the fitness advice is any good. I was never so bold as to purchase (or steal!) that magazine, but I would have died if I got caught as you did. In my mind that would have been like worst case scenario, end of the world. I'm impressed that you survived to tell the story.

Oh, and Men's Fitness is no longer so gay-friendly as I recall just a few years ago. It's a striking difference. Must have changed hands or something.

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