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May 22, 2007


David In Denver

Adam, that was FANTASTIC! I really loved the images; it adds a whole new dimension to your podcast, your voice. It also pays tribute to your "brand" of being a true "media feed". You've got it all covered with this one! Glad to hear that you and Brad had a super weekend!

Matt Blender

Thank you. That was very nice.


Adam. I usually download and play your podcast in the kitchen on my Mac when I am either folding clothes or making dinner. This one seemed to be over before it started. I barely had time to "cook" my pop tarts and consume them when it was over. Now, for Kalvin... you can make a whole lasagna from scratch and it's perfect timing. (lol!) Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration.

Seriously though... good concise podcast. It was nice to see the pics of you, Brad, the puddle and the plants. I am just curious about when we can be privileged once again with a guest appearance by Milo the Cat? I fondly remember the podcast where he was interrupting your podcast with Meowing and it just melted my heart. ;)


Alas, it did not work for me...


This was fun, but I wonder how you do this within podomatic if you did. In any case your pictures look nice and you're looking oh so minotaurish. Oh well, enough with the accolades, but I enjoyed it. And if you try and get people to stop importing my Gerolsteiner water, I will be hella pissed because it does taste different, and I love it. Carbon footprint be damned!


Enhanced Podcast...very cool...loved the pictures.

Loved the music. Was that Nina Simone? Sounded like her. And of course I LOVE the Cure.

I agree about the water from NZ. It uses too many resources to bring it to us. There's got to be a source here that is just as good.

The HDR pictures are really cool. Do you use Photoshop to layer the different shots?

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

I love enhanced podcasts, but as far as I know we can't do them on peecees. This was great, anyway, and I like the HDR pix--didn't photographers do the same thing in the pre-digital age by bracketing exposures and doing magic with the negatives in the darkroom? Seems to me I'd much rather do it digitally (guess that's pretty obvious...)

And I ain't saying one word about that bloody water, no sir, not one word.


Very nice...I have a lot of "to do" items from this podcast.

Chef Mark

Hey Adam, just a heads up. I've tried to download this podcast several times in iTunes, and each time it looks like it's downloading, but when it's done, no podcast shows up (the "get" button is still there)


This was a sweet little show (oops, I mean podcast). Yeah, concise, yeah, short...but you gotta leave 'em wanting more right? Oh wait, that's a showbiz saying again. Hmmm...oh well, great show. ;-) Pics are ridiculously small on my Nano, but it was still cool to get even the suggestion of a visual cue.

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