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June 28, 2007



Your exploits made me tired...just reading them! I was so happy that we were able to meet...and, as I've already stated, it was such a surprise. What a nice gentleman you are. As for being addicted to the internet.....I've been asked that question too. Seems to run in blogger circles, I'm afraid. And, the Bay Area.....I'm there multiple times each week.....and rarely, if ever, tire of it's feel and the blue of the water. As for Fred A. in the movie....not all of us who were made to dance, actually do. Cheers to you and Brad. I checked out your usual, amazing.


Great recap , Gadam!

However, you didn't mention how much funnier Debby Downer is....on a Sunday night.


I don't remember any pictures of a shirtless Adam. I feel cheated.


Fred Astaire was really good in the movie "On the Beach." He played a race car driver and didn't dance in that one either.


Wow, sounds like SF was pure debauchery compared to NY. I had a rather tame experience, watching the parade and hanging out with friends down from Boston.


That was a great recap! I had no idea that you actually lost your shirt and hoodie. I thought you just took the shirt off... I guess that is why you had Brad's jacket on LOL Now some daddy bear is sniffing the pits if your shirt for SURE!

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