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August 12, 2007



I may be gay, but those big bodybuilders turn me off. They don't look human.


Wait, wait.....sullen AND, at the same time??? Not pretty.
And, by the way, where is the link to my pic? I was there too....I swear I was.
Love and sincerely,
Your skinny little friend.


I'm not sure what DSL providers are in Dallas. If you have AT&T, you should know that because of their partnership with Yahoo you get a free Flickr Pro account and now free access to the AT&T WiFi hotspot network. Of course they started offering all this after I switched to cable. Ugh!

Oh, thanks for the Borg comment on my iPhone post. I didn't get the full reference, but most of it. OK weirdness, First Contact just got flipped on and Picard is messing with a Borg. What's the chance?


Sounds like a masturbatory weekend! lol

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