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November 11, 2007



Ha! I think a lot of us were pretty well sure it was a scam. He's not even cute, btw. Especially next to Ben's plastic nose, there was no competition.


Us geeks always persevere. The fakes do not.

Donnie v2.0

Just goes to show you that your gut instinct is rarely ever wrong. What a hot mess.


You know, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that was very suspicious of the little gay neocon.
Everyone KNOWS gay republicans are nothing but time bombs.

Joe Clark

What in the name of G-d is a coonass?


And that is the reason that I read only 4 blogs, an aging daddy bear, a fiesty cussin liberal woman, a west coast leather bear. and a muscled geeky Italian. I know they will be honest, have been so far!


Glad you like amateur coonass blogs. I love your techno slutty one! :)


So...we've been Austin Vane'd again.



I'll always take truth over beauty any day. And nothin' about that was even close to pretty to begin with.


I'm automatically suspicious of anyone who even WEARS Ginch Gonch undies.


While I admit that I had gotten a creepy oompa loompa vibe from some of the stuff over there, I can't help but have some compassion for the people who got hurt. That said, you're right, Adam, all that glitters...


You nailed the same reasons I never much cared for it. True or not, I just thought it was so "presented", if that makes any sense.

Oh well, I'm sure the blogosphere is in hysterics.

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