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December 07, 2007



I did that same exact thing a few years back but because the light fixture was old, the diffuser ended up shattering into a billion pieces and I nearly took out the friend's eye I was trying to impress with my comic madness :) I think I was pretending I had a big hair clip not a LaForge VISOR but the concept is the same ;)


Thank you for posting that! I'm an only child and most people find it ridiculous when I can entertainment through anything!

Well, you're a bit to the top though, cause you're an "only child" with a Sci-fi twist.

I'm still a closet case with my Sci-fi fetish *sheesh* don't tell anyone that.


You're silly.


You're such a geek. I love it. :)


How's that thing at helping to modulate the warp-plasma field, 'cause, I'm telling you, my warp-core's lookin' to get a might explody...



Aren't you clever and ever so sexy!We benefit as well from your ability to entertain yourself. :)

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