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December 17, 2007



OMG I love that you used a little Brittain reference. :)


Because I work in manufacturing, I'm ALWAYS the only gay guy. But at least I hot straighties to look at


Only gay guy at work here too!
FFXII RULZ!!!! Geeky gamers unite (ode to the wonder twins)


Being a gay guy WITH lupus, I say back to work!


I'm with B2fine4u and you, FFXII RULES!!!!!!!!

My final time, after getting every single thing, in FFX was 129 hours... I'm expecting more on FFXII...

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

You're about the only one I know who can pack so many cultural references into one post and make them all work. Certainly keeps me coming back for more!

I'm also the only out gay boy at work, which is especially weird since I'm in graphic arts....


You may be the only gay in the Village, but I'm sure you're still a Lady!

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