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December 26, 2007



My family are all closet gamers, and everyone enjoys it when I bring the Wii out to family gatherings. I'm a little galled that my 4 year old niece can beat me in Wii Bowling though. :)

I, too, had never heard of Webkinz until my sister told me that they were the IN thing on for the playground set. I found a good deal on buy 2 get one 1 free. So, my nieces are set. I have to wonder how good their customer service is though because my one niece had forgotten her password already. :)


OMG! I'm gonna cry all the tears of my body!
I looked to find the unicorn webkinz but it is apparently "retired", why??? And they retired the pegasus as well. All hope is gone.
But I like the googles (I didn't know that was a word!!!)


Rubbings....yes, that does remind me of me.


That's a cute name for a polar bear! I am so going to ask Scotty to get me a webkinz. :D

Seeing your post reminds me of my "usual" Christmas. Sweet!


What a fun gadget-y christmas! I have a love-hate relationship with games. They are such a time sucker, but such fun time suckers too.


sounds like you had a great Christmas.

I had Tomb Raider in my hand at the store the other day and was going to buy it but didn' you'd recommend it?


Glad to hear your Christmas went well. Mine was filled with the annoying brats that are my sister's step-children (which were acquired last year when she got married). Thankfully, I will not have endure them next Christmas, as I will be spending it alone (or possibly w/ friends) in NYC.


did you have to google the Inuit word for 'brave' or did you just know it?

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