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January 08, 2008


Donnie v2.0

LOL - exactly!


A speedboat can do a lot of damage to a warship...USS Cole, but both the US Navy and the Iranian Navy know about such tactics and what sort of response one gets. The Revoluntary Guard are also not a suicide squad.
However, in this age of perpetual fear, ALL Muslims are suicide bombers right?

I was also thinking, I wonder how people would respond if big Iranian warships were cruising of the coast of California or New York in international waters?


Not that I think the Bushies aren't trying to trump this up a lot, but let's remember he's not the only disreputable factor in the equation.

The Iranians *also* have an unpopular president who would benefit greatly if the Great Satan made hostile moves toward the Revolutionary Guard. At this point, it's about the only thing that could save his political career. (Ahmadinejad's, not Bush's, although there's a case to be made there, too.)

So the question is: whose obviously exaggerated and falsified version of the story shall we believe?

Y'know, it's too bad Bush and Ahmadinejad don't get along better. They've got so much in common -- after all, they both think they're doing God's work, in a "don't drink the Kool-Aid" sort of way...


I've been looking for a good bridge to nowhere... how much?


I find this tidbit interesting.

"Cdr. Lydia Robertson, the 5th Fleet spokeswoman in Bahrain, told CNN. It could have come from another ship in the area or from shore, she said. "We don't have a direct connection, but it's not necessarily a disconnect," she said." From

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