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March 29, 2008


Mrs. Robinson

Well... Adam 10yrs. ago you were enjoying tuna casserole in my kitchen.... hahaha...You said it was the best you had ever had. !!

How are you?? ER told me of your blog. This is my first blog esperience ... how special.

Look at you all grown up. Glad you are doing well.

I am still pyshic so if you need any questions asked... feel free to ask..

Be well ...Mrs. Robinson


Applying ointment to doggy vulva? I still have coffee in my sinus cavity!


OMG! Our lists are IDENTICAL!!

Well, except for the fact that I spelled Wench correctly... Oh, and I would use my billions to KILL all of the orangutans and tigers in SE Asia.

Heather M

I still remember tagging the kennel walls in the dead of night with Myka.


You forgot to mention Crystal's Carnegie Hall appearance and Beth S's terrorism with the dead dog freezer.

Mrs. Robinson left a comment. How wonderfully random.

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