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April 25, 2008



Isn't that an excessive amount of protein?


OK, now you've totally grossed me out.


I hate to tell ya but you are probably consuming too much protein. The body will only absorb what it needs and unless you are on a cycle, you can't inflict enough muscle damage to require that much in a day. The rest gets converted to ketones.

A good rule of thumb is you should consume roughly your body weight in grams of protein per day. The goal is to keep the ingestion constant. Consuming protein every 2 or 3 hours assures the body has enough amino acids available for protein synthesis at any given time.

At your age, Ketones are not dangerous however, for older men too much can cause problems.


The rule for protein is 1.5g of protein per lb of lean body mass if you want to grow. My calculated lean body mass is 184lb, multiply that by 1.5 and it's 276. I take 250-300g a day so I'm where I should be.


that's what i call recycling, lol ;)

Matthew Thompson

Self consumption... I wonder what Frued would say?


Maybe Frued (sic), using language appropriate to his time, would say something about fetish and body commodification.


Wow... the things one does to maintain a ferocious body!

I'm glad that you opted for eating your calves instead of those guns. As countless weightlifters can attest, nobody cares about the lower legs anyway.


Be careful with the protein intake - it's rough on the kidneys.


Be careful with the protein intake - it's rough on the kidneys.

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