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July 31, 2008



Totally agree on your comments, safe sex, nothing better!!


The correct term is always... safer

There's never zero risk.


I wish the scientific community would fix the conventions on terminology here. It sounds like this, in science terms, is a well-reasoned "hypothesis".

I know we use that and "theory" interchangeably but that's why we get the f'd up "only a theory" comments re: evolution, big bang, etc.

Apparently, this sounds like a pretty good hypothesis which I'm very *very* glad is going to be *tested*. Until it is, and until the tests support the hypothesis, it really needs to be viewed as a very good and hopeful *idea*.

If it does stand up to testing, I guess I'd start using "theory" which to me means hypothesis that has withstood many tests and might likely be a real and true explanation or medical approach...

In any case, considering even proven medical approaches take some years to clear the FDA (but E. coli and Salmonella can go right on through, of course), the idea of changing sexual behavior based on a very good hypothesis is insane.

But, I understand, people do just that.



Considering the dismal failure of the last few vaccine trials, you'd think people would be more careful in hailing any treatment as a cure-all. When the government cancels a major vaccine trial because it believes the vaccine is not likely to be effective, you'd think people would take a step back. But no. Instead, we pin our hopes on the next miracle drug. I understand it's hope that drives the search for a cure, but we need to balance that hope with a healthy dose of realiy. HIV is a pernicious and persistent little fucker that's going to be around for a while.


I also read on cnn that the new method for estimating new HIV cases is projecting higher numbers.

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