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July 21, 2008



Honey its called "On to the next trick", they have to freshen up that snatch!

I loved that you used the phrase "Setting Lotion". Such vintage speak! ;)


Personally, I don't shower at home during the week. But I'm also not spending tons of the time applying firming lotion or hair (anything). I can significantly cut down on my water bill if I shower at the gym.
And, for the record, my dopp kit only contains toothbrush, paste, scrub, soap, floss, deodorant and (fine, I admit it) undereye cream.


You never know who you're going to meet on that three block walk home!


But wouldn't you rather be all hot and sweaty from a workout, proving your athletic chops, if you meat someone on the three block walk home?

While I was a member there, I never once used the showers, locker room, or the infamous steam room. Of course that was more to do with the convenience of living a block away (and the locker room was really gross) than looking athletic on the way home.


The way I see it, if you've had a work out, it goes without saying that you'll be sweaty. If you've been to the gym on a lunch break, fair-play, you'll want to freshen up. But, personally, I'd feel much happier using my own bathroom. But, that's just me.

Big Red Dave

Given its reputation, I think it's safe to say that not everyone who goes to that Golds lives in the Castro. Or even the City.


Must be nice to have hair to use "setting lotion" on!


Gee, I dunno abou this, maybe it's just me and my shy nature, but I try to minimise the time spent in public bathrooms/lockerrooms/chagerooms so I'd be very inclined to shower and bolt for the door rather than hang around, especially if I was pretty close to home, but different strokes for different folks I guess!

John in Seattle

Our Golds on Capitol Hill, Seattle is dark and dingy and reminds me of Oz prison. Feels like I'm gonna get shanked. One guy dries his pubes using the hand dryer, another blows loogies into the sink and washes them down. Don't get me started on 24 Hour Fitness downtown, you can see the bacteria creeping toward your toes in that breeding ground. Happy workout!

John in Seattle


its all about mirror time!!! lol

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