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August 27, 2008



You gotta respect that woman's determination and professionalism -- but do not forget about her - she will be a major player on the stage.....

And I have to say that was some serious energy there - must have been overwhelming to be there....

Heather M

The speech was great.

Did you notice how the news media narrative afterwards completely missed the boat? Only interviewing Hillary supporters who are now going for McCain or not voting at all. As if that's the majority.

It would make a better story if pundits/anchors stopped tip toeing around the issue and called these Hillary/McCain supporters on their racism. The way they're playing it, with politeness, is giving racism a pass - as if it's just another valid opinion.

Hillary did it with class ("Were you in this campaign just for me?"). It's up to the newsmen to dig deeper and expose the seedy underbelly.

PS - I'm sick of hearing former Hillary voters say their wounds from the primaries are too large. Their feelings were hurt so they're sitting this one out. Grow up! Elections are not about your feelings.


Finally saw the speech last night on youtube, it was awesome! She might not have won the nomination, but I think she really won the heart of a lot of people, even around the world.


I always loved I adore her. She was amazing. Let's hope she stays in politics.

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