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August 05, 2008



They have removed it so quickly... I wonder what was taped on it.

Evil European

God, that woman you to symbolise all that was wrong with society...mindless, celeberaty obbsessed horseshit.
Saying that, she was very funny, and HOT!


*covers face*
I am completely embarrassed to say so.
But that was amazingly intelligent and funny.
I <3 Paris.

ryan charisma

I loved it!
This is the first time I've ever liked something she's done.

I do believe she's growing up.


She was so irrelevant to me and my life, until this! It makes me think there might be more going on upstairs than anyone knew (or she's a superb puppet)! I am so impressed she can read lines and was willing to do this. Very funny!


Agreed. Before seeing this I hated everything she represented, but now I have to give her props. She was really good in this!


Paris Hilton has always made me think of this quote from 'Spaced'

"I haven't quite figured Twist out yet. Either she's sweet and stupid, or an evil genius."

McCain, you got served.

Matthew Thompson


I've always thought the vapid mind stuff was an act.


It is available on!

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