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September 04, 2008



I was pretty sure of that during Rudy's speech when they were chanting 'drill baby drill.'


That's right! I remember the "drill, baby, drill" Isn't it weird? I mean what kind of people do that???
Anyway, I didn't like her speech, it was mostly about bashing Obama and saying how she is a good mother and how McCain is a real warrior so he knows about war... That's what I got out of it anyway.


I was shocked to hear some news commenter said her speech "wow" them. I was literally screaming to the TV when she was making those "no conclusion" statements. It would take an idiot to think anything she said has any values to the whole election. The fact that she called herself a soccer-mom and her teenage daughter is pregenant really is not a convincing point that she did a good job.

Please, don't let the Republican win again, US citizens.


I love how she likened herself to a pitbull with lipstick. Yeah, way to instill confidence in the American voters, hun.


Not that I care much for McCain or the NeoCons... but it is interesting that to note this:

- If a Democrat mother runs for office, she is a model of feminism and absolute moral authority on motherhood and women's rights.

- If a Republican mother runs for the same office, she is a child-neglecting, evil woman who doesn't know her place.

Funny how politics works.


I love the Daily Show's recent take on what the spin doctors are saying... and how it's 180 from what they were saying a month ago.

God I hate them. I hate them all.


Well they did denigrate all her work as mayor, lt. Governor, state Governor, and as a mother in general. So I think she had fair play to return the favor.

Personally I thought the attacks against her were fairly misogynistic and cruel. Given the level of support that was given Hillary who stayed with the cheating husband, attacking the mother of five for being political, than to attack the daughter for getting pregnant, no I don't think the blog left or the media thought about her feelings in any of this, they just assumed as you did, that she would be a slight and cowardly woman to McCain's fiddle. Personally while I don't disparage the term "community organizer" I fail to see why that is such a reverent term suddenly. It's the job you give to the over eager type A kid that seriously believes knocking on doors and writing passive aggressive letters to the neighbors will accomplish anything. I don't think Palin is qualified to be president but by the same comparison nether is Obama.


Despite all the personal attacks against her (or any other canditate involved in this election) the sad point is that McCain is old and has a record which makes his long-term health look dubious. Palin's focus appears to be somewhat narrow-mined and her experience is also questionable, as a governor this doesn't pose such a problem, but as a potential president her short-comings should be painfully obvious. I also don't think it would hurt to lay some of these ridiculous gender/race issues aside and simply look at the canditates platforms and proposed policies instead of over analyising their colour and genitalia.


Daughter can't abstain, gets knocked up, "Oh, you can't talk about her!" Then why the fuck do you drag the boyfriend on stage and the Republicans cheer madly for this dysfunctional bunch. Since when was teenagers having babies something to be celebrated.

And Tim? Obama isn't qualified. Why don't you stop repeating Republican talking points/lies and actually take a detailed look at what he has accomplished.


Because the policies on both sides are so patently ridiculous and pipe dreams that bothering to believe them is only an act of faith.

No one wants to face down the deficit, no one wants to tell old people we can't pay for social security for all of them and no one wants to tell the masses that universal health care is a nice idea but that we have neither the doctors, nurses or hospitals to even start. Or to mention that treatments will become a policy decision not a doctors call.
So we are forced to look at the people and decide if the actions and beliefs they have espoused and followed thru on during their lives have helped or hurt people.

That's easier to do when it's someone like McCain, love him or hate him he has a record. Obama has little more than a message. A message doesn't feed the poor, and it sure as hell don't pay the bills. Every project that he has been on while well meaning accomplished little more than to make him reach higher. The school programs he over saw failed, the community action programs went no where and his legislative record has more "present votes" than real votes. His biographers have said it plainly he is calculating and driven, he keeps few friends and few enemies and he's willing to sacrifice anything that endangers his ambitions. In a president those can be great assets, however what happens to a man whose only goal is to be president? What does he do once he's there? The only thing I agreed with Palin on is that the path to the presidency should not be a road to discovery but rather the platform desired to accomplish ones goals.
I applaud his bipartisan nature, I love that he's charismatic but so was JFK and that was a disaster, lurching from confrontation to confrontation always trying to prove ones manhood.
McCain is also bipartisan, has been tested but is hot headed and prove to rash judgment calls. But on the other hand he has a long list of true friends. He is not overly charismatic, but he is VERY well connected throughout the world. He did make a smart judgment call on Iraq, and despite being unpopular believed enough in his call to stand by it till it was successful.

I didn't like the "drill drill chant i thought it was creepy, while drilling is important so is nuclear power, solar power and maintaining our edge on research and development. I thought Biden's speech was as aggressive as Palin's and it grated.

But the one thing I noted between the two conventions that Barack seemed to try to change but couldn't was that Republicans cheer personal success while democrats cheered social spending as the cure for national woes. Decades of social spending have simply created larger ghettos surely there must be a happier medium between the two platforms.


We watched, jaws dropped, as they spewed hate and venom acting as if it was the fault of Democrats that the shrub administration ran this country into the toilet.

Michael Lewis




Anyone who spits on those who try to help their community only prove that they don't give a shit about anyone. "Country First" my ass.


Sarah Palin is a stinky doodieball


I was listening to Mike Malloy on America Left and he made this hilarious observation: If you listen to Sarah Palin's speech without any visuals you'd swear it's Dana Carvey doing the Church Lady! Shrill, condescending and hateful - all that's missing is a laugh track. One main difference however: Carvey is a man in drag - Palin is a pitbull in lipstick!

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

Palin and the other speakers were sp negative because that's all they've got left. After piling up trillions in debt, after gutting the constitution, after letting New Orleans drown, after all the money and lives lost in an illegal war, they have nothing to offer America but four more years of the same failure. Of COURSE they're going to go on the attack. Karl Rove taught them that when you have nothing positive to offer, attack those who do.

What I found most interesting is that the only time I saw any people talking about attacks on Palin for being a working Mommie were among the Republicans themselves: They brought it up at every opportinity. They want people to believe that the Evil Left and the Evil Democrats hate Palin because a good "Christian Hockey Mom". Then again, I suppose they'd know: The Republicans are the experts when it comes to spreading hate.


I like that "Moose-hunting Hockey Mama". She's about the most interesting person of either Idiotarian party this year.

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