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September 04, 2008



If McCain wins I am seriously considering moving to another country and claiming political asylum.




I thin Obama said it best a few weeks ago "Eight Is Enough"!

Heather M

It was hard to follow. I've watched every convention speech thus far and this strikes me as the most meandering.

No specific plans to change...he just tells us he really really wants change. Like Bushy, we're just supposed to shut it and trust his superior wisdom of what's best for America with few bits of hard facts.

PS - Chris Matthews says the crowd is applauding McCain's divorce from Bush. Odd choice of words for the family values crowd.


It's rather frightening to think that drilling for oil (possibly the leading cause of environmental demise) takes precedent over healing the planet. I certainly hope US voters are analyising the facts properly. In my mind there is only one clear choice, I just hope thats the choice that people make.

Arthur (AmeriNZ)

I thought it was funny when McCain said he'd take on the lobbyists. Will he start with his campaign manager, a major lobbyist? Or maybe all the dozens of big-time lobbyists working throughout his campaign? Or will he start by returning the millions of dollars in contributions from lobbyists, including the millions specifically form the oil and gas industry? McCain really is more of the same.


I felt much like you did.

His speech was stale, recycled (and now discredited) Republican conservatism that Ronald Reagan ran on in 1980.

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