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November 15, 2008



Welcome back! I went to the NY rally today.


Greetings and Solidarity wishes from Los Angeles, where my husband and I rallied and marched for Stop the H8; it's wonderful to know that so many brothers sisters and supporters were all in unison, in the US and around the globe... a new Civil Rights Movement was born today, I have no doubt. Isn't it gr8 to be part of it??!!
Best love,


Nice poster!


Nice job on the sign, Adam.

Can't wait to see you and B-rad here in PHX!

matthew thompson

Too bad you couldn't have sent some of that heat to KC... it was cold!


Glad to see you out at the demonstrations. I love the sign.


We represented here in New Haven. About 250-300 people, which is a decent size for our little ol' city.

Though we have same-sex marriage in Connecticut, what happens in other states effect us directly. Unless we never want to leave the state. Thanks to the Federal "Defense of Marriage" act our marriage status changes from state to state. In most states it would be null and void.

matthew thompson

if you really want to apologize for taking a few weeks off, you could post a few beefcake photo's of yourself... hee. hee.


oh man! we missed you!


When are you going to Phoenix???


Love the sign! LOL

Great to see you out there, and cant wait to see you and Brad when you are in Phoenix.



YAAAAY a new post finally. Nice to see you boys are busy and having fun.


We rallied down here in Long Beach; glad you could add to the numbers in San Francisco and across the nation!

Lucky Pierre

How funny. I saw your sign at the rally, but didn't recognize you. For once I was focused on something other than cute boys!


great sign.
and welcome back.

Ray Ray

Great sign!


Here's a great graphic I found on Facebook:

Kelly Stern

I hope you guys had a great turkey day!!

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