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February 09, 2009



I find it amusing that they use the same loophole concerning money as the phony psychics. The "I don't charge for my service, but a charitable contribution is always welcome" line.


If I indulge in gay sex, how much in indulgences should I be paying???

Ray Ray

Catholics! Is there anything they can't do?


As someone sent to 12 years i Catholic school, let me tell you that the system is riddled with the ludicrous and the downright stupid.

A couple of years ago, the then Pope declared Limbo to be non-existent after a thousand or more years of teaching that it was where unborn babies went. No word on where those babies are now that Limbo has been ditched--perhaps all in the same celestial dumpster.

No word either about whether we can use the expression "That project is now in Limbo." Maybe we have to say That project is now in an undisclosed safe location--along with Dick Cheney whenever any danger threatened.

Adam--the earth was flat for Catholics until 1957--that's when the ban on Galileo's book and beliefs was finally lifted. I bet some Catholics actually believed the earth inflated from flat to spherical at that time. The Popes' egos had inflated to monstrous proportions at least a millennium and a half earlier.

The selling of indulgences brought us Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation (the Catholics call it the Protestant Revolt, thereby denying that any reform was necessary).

Homer--I don't think there's enough money in the world. They demand a kind of castration of the gay man--he NEVER engages in any homosexual activity, no matter how "minor", ever again for the rest of his life.

medieval clothing

oh this is an interesting post! my opinion on this is that we should obey each others decision

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